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3 Women in Sports that Broke the Glass Ceiling in 2021

While Covid impacted the world, many industries, including sports, took a major hit. But now that we’re making a gradual come back, sports fans and athletes are looking forward to all the exciting games and plays in 2022. During these trying times, many female athletes have come to the forefront, breaking glass ceilings, setting new records, and fighting gender stereotypes. In 2021, many powerful women in sports helped shape the industry and continue to push for inclusivity, innovation, and diversity as we step into a new, fresh era. Here are some of the most resilient women in sports. 

Olympic gymnast and activist Simone Biles

In this day and age, Simone Biles is one of the very few athletes and powerful women who don’t need an introduction. If you don’t know who Simone Biles is, you need to catch up on many of her achievements, trials, and tribulations. 

Simone Biles has made gymnastics history as she nailed a triple-twist, double backflip while the world watched in awe. The 22-year-old Olympic gold medalist had to simultaneously flip from head to toe on the axis around three times before sticking a clean landing and she made it all look so effortless. 

The elite US gymnast also stood against Larry Nasser and a corrupt system that lead to the abuse and mistreat of many young female gymnasts. 

Miami Marlin’s General Manager, Kim Ng

After almost 10 years of speculations, Kim Ng finally became the General Manager for Miami Marlins in November. Being an avid sports lover, Ng describes her new position as her “dream job.”

Though she might call it a dream come true right now, the journey to getting this new position wasn’t an easy one. For many years, Kim lost the job to unqualified men, making her work twice as hard to finally land the role she was striving for. 

Olympic Senior Vice President, Janey Miller

When it comes to the Olympics, every year we see powerful women come and go but only some are able to leave their mark and create a legacy like Simone Biles and Janey Miller. 

Both these women have worked tirelessly, hand in hand to make the sport of gymnastics a lot safer for young women and future renowned athletes. 

Throughout her career, Janey Miller has made a significant contribution to the world of sports, advocating for athlete rights, helping female agents, sports executives, and many more. 

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