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1-year of jail time for rough arrest in 2019 by former Miami-Dade police officer

The Miami-Dade police officer will serve a year in county jail time for his misdemeanor and battery charges

There’s no denying that despite their integral role in our protection, police officers often engage in an abuse of power too. Police brutality has been on the rise for several years, and more so, it’s on record because of social media and smartphones. That’s exactly how a former Miami-Dade police officer, Alejandro Giraldo, was caught on camera in 2019 which has lead him to jail time.

Details on the jail time sentenced upon Miami Dade police officer

Rough arrest in 2019

The incident that led to this arrest occurred in 2019 when the then 26-year-old Dyma Loving called the police after being harassed and threatened by another man. Instead of arresting the man who had called Loving and her friend a derogatory name before pulling a gun at them, Officer Giraldo arrested Loving.

Camera footage shows the Miami-Dade police officer arresting and manhandling Loving, hurting her in the process.

A gavel and hammer being used by a judge.

Giraldo’s sentencing and the court’s decision

Alejandro Giraldo has been sentenced to 364 days of jail time in County Jail and will be on an 18-month probation period after his release, effectively ending his career in law enforcement.

Loving and Giraldo both took the stand during the trial, following Giraldo’s conviction of misconduct and battery. While Giraldo apologized and stated that he was having a bad day, Loving accepted his apology while also stating that she was glad it was caught on camera. Loving also expressed that she was surprised but happy with the sentence because it sets a precedent and reminds law enforcement that actions have reactions and consequences.

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