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ZeyZey: Miami's hot new music and culture hub springs to life under the banyan tree

Miami's vibrant music scene finds a home at ZeyZey, the ultimate weekend getaway.

Miami's Little River neighborhood welcomes ZeyZey, an enchanting weekend getaway tucked behind a wooden gate beneath a sprawling banyan tree. Offering a fusion of music, culture, and culinary delights, ZeyZey is destined to be the heartbeat of the city's music scene.

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ZeyZey: Where music and culture unite

As a brainchild of Grassfed Culture Hospitality, the masterminds behind Michelin-starred restaurant Los Felix and Krus Kitchen, ZeyZey sets the stage for a unique experience.

 A cozy gazebo entices visitors with a selection of natural wines and craft beers, while a charming bungalow hosts talented DJs spinning soulful beats. Inside, a vinyl listening room boasts an impressive collection of over 3,000 records, promising musical journeys through time.

People dancing with lights in the background

A symphony of sounds and flavors

In partnership with Tigre Sounds, an indie record label and music platform led by Isabella Acker, ZeyZey's music lineup is as diverse as Miami's cultural fabric. From Afro-Cuban funk to Brazilian disco, salsa, cumbia, and electronic fusion, it's tunes resonate with the soul. To complement the auditory feast, a rotating roster of top-notch food vendors offers culinary delights that range from contemporary Cuban cuisine to tantalizing arepas and German-American burgers.

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