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Miami Dolphins Zach Thomas Finally Makes the Cut in Pro Football Hall of Fame

After being a finalist for the last three seasons, former Dolphins LB Zach Thomas has finally made it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Zach Thomas, a synonym for Miami Dolphins, is now a Pro Football Hall of Famer. The list of 2023 inductees was announced, and he made it to the list just like in the last three years. But this time, he made the loudest noise in this year’s NFL Honors after being elected and immortalized in the football world.

After 14 years of retirement and 10th year of eligibility, Zach Thomas is now the 13th former Miami Dolphins player who has earned this distinguished honor in history. Read on to learn about his contribution to Miami Dolphins.

A journey from Miami to Canton

The no. 54 jersey being enshrined in Canton, Ohio, will be a sight to watch for all Miami Dolphins fans. The legendary linebacker was selected in Miami 1996 draft. He has made the greatest journey from being Miami Dolphins Rookie of the Year to leading the league in 10 out of 12 seasons.

Zach Thomas made 7 Pro Bowls, 4 interceptions, and was voted a five-time first-time All-Pro. Thomas was one of the GOATlinebackers in football history. His career spans 13 seasons, 12 of which he served playing for the Miami Dolphins. Ranking 5th in the history of the NFL, he has made 1,734 career tackles, making him the most acclaimed NFL player in Southwest Conference.

Zach shaking hand

August 05 – Save the date to see no. 54 jersey enshrined

Zach Thomas will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton on 05th August, where Jimmy Johnson, former Miami Dolphins coach, will be presenting him. Though Thomas has insisted time and again about being patient and about NFL not owing him anything, fans of this legendary linebacker have something different to say.

Many of his fans had raised objections for three consecutive years when he didn’t make it to the list of Hall of Famers. According to his fans, his statistics have been far better than other linebackers who have been enshrined before him.

Nonetheless, the wait is over, and his fans will finally get to see his name immortalized in Canton, Ohio, along with other 2023 inductees. That includes Ronde Barber, Chuck Howley, Joe Thomas, Darrelle Revis, Joe Klecko, Don Coryell, and Ken Riley.

He deserves every bit of this incredible end to his legend in the form of a golden jacket.

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