Zach Morris: "The Gringo Who Fell in Love with Colombia"

ZachMorrisPortada - Zach Morris: "The Gringo Who Fell in Love with Colombia"

When we discovered Zach Morris on his YouTube channel, we never imagined that his love for Colombia and the Hispanic culture was so robust, however, as we continued to watch his videos, we realized that his love for Latin America especially for Colombia where he resides was so genuine and beyond what any ordinary American guy of his age can express.

Zach Morris is a young man from the state of South Carolina, with a college degree in Psychology.  Zach never thought that he would end up going to Colombia where his Peruvian girlfriend lead him to. He never imagined that his life would change in such a drastic way, and neither suspected that he would find in the Latin world a different way of living and enjoying life so deeply.

Zach has been residing in Colombia for four years, where he remained after eventually ending his relationship with the young Peruvian woman. His love for the Colombian country was so strong and candid that he decided to stay and learn the Spanish language that today he is fully fluent in with only a very slight accent.

When we asked him what attracted him to Colombia, he responded that the country was a good place to live and he also told us about its good-hearted and nice people, he also said that even though he likes to come to the United States from time to time to visit his parents, he does not feel as vividly happy as he feels living in Colombia and that only a disaster in his life would make him to return to live back in the States.

When we asked him what advice he would give to young American guys like him, he said that he would encourage them to know more about the Latin world, since they are really missing many good things in life such as their food, their culture, their humility and not only the beauty of the Colombian girls, but also the different way of interpreting life.

It is a vast universe, a different ambiance, a way of understanding the world. Zach says. Knowing the Hispanic world is essential for the education of the gringos and Colombia is a good place to learn.

He claimed that what he has lived in Colombia and recommends it and he wouldn’t be able to experience life in such a way in the United States.

What does Zach post about on his YouTube channel?

Zach explains that when he opened his YouTube channel called (Zach Morris) five years ago, he never imagined being a famous YouTuber as he is now, with so many Colombian and Hispanic fans who sincerely love him.

In his videos, Zach talks about the different delicious foods of Colombia, its arepas, empanadas, and its affordable prices in comparison to the costs of American dishes. He talks about its music, and its generous people. In his videos you can appreciate the genuine and unadulterated love that he feels for the Colombian culture, he uses Colombian jargons, such as "Parcheros", "Parceros", "Su merced" that identify his channel.

He also shows his desire to try the different dishes of the country’s regions and plans to learn more about Latin America by traveling through the different countries ... In short Zach Morris is an example of how American culture could easily blend into the Hispanic world.

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Zach Morris teams up with LosGringosTV

Lately he has joined another group of young Americans whose channel on YouTube is called “LosGringosTV" which is a group of young American guys who live and love the Hispanic culture and represent several Latin countries.

If you want to get more involved with Zach Morris, go to his YouTube channel and subscribe, ask him questions, leave comments and make him your friend.

Zach Morris is known among Hispanics as

'El gringo enamorado de Colombia'

and, in turn, has become known as

'The gringo who Colombians love the most.'

By: Nelson Mota

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