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World's first pickleball stadium, "The Fort," set to redefine South Florida's social sports scene

Fort Lauderdale's visionary pickleball stadium project, "The Fort," features 43 professional pickleball courts

South Florida, known for its leisurely lifestyle and retirement havens, is about to witness a groundbreaking development: the inauguration of the world's inaugural pickleball stadium, "The Fort," poised to reshape the region's sporting and social fabric. Continue reading to get more details about the court and its amenities.

A pickleball stadium sporting extravaganza unveiled

Scheduled for a grand opening in 2024, "The Fort" emerges as an ambitious venture situated in Snyder Park, adjacent to Fort Lauderdale International Airport. With a mission to become "South Florida’s premier social sports destination," this avant-garde complex boasts a staggering 43 professional pickleball courts, including 14 weatherproof ones, catering to enthusiasts of all skill levels.

More than just a pickleball stadium haven, "The Fort" aims to offer a multifaceted recreational experience. Alongside the courts, visitors can indulge in diverse activities such as experiencing golf simulators, engaging in volleyball matches, paddleboarding on a scenic 7-acre lake, and enjoying the camaraderie of a dedicated dart room.

An empty pickleball court

Community integration and giving back

This groundbreaking project, a collaborative effort between the City of Fort Lauderdale and local advocates Rich Campillo and Brad Tuckman, is more than a recreational hotspot. The initiative prioritizes community integration, promising to engage in philanthropic activities such as participating in charitable events, supporting youth and senior programs, and providing pickleball equipment to public schools.

In its pursuit to be an inclusive hub for sports enthusiasts and non-players alike, "The Fort" will house "The Lakehouse," a restaurant serving delectable fare and beverages. Additionally, a 4,000-square-foot events center and a lively game yard with live music aim to create an inviting atmosphere.

Ahead of "The Fort's" opening, enthusiasts can get a taste of the pickleball fever at The Pickleball Games, an event being advertised as the "world's largest." Set to take place this January, this tournament promises a glimpse into the fervor surrounding this growing sport.

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