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Widow faces home insurance cancellation despite roof replacement efforts

Homeowner's plea for coverage amidst home insurance dilemma takes an unexpected turn

In a perplexing turn of events, a Palm Harbor widow finds herself on the brink of losing her homeinsurance coverage, despite diligently upgrading her home's roof and maintaining an impeccable claims record. As the hurricane season looms, Jane Pictor's struggle to retain her coverage with Heritage Insurance sheds light on the intricacies of insurance policies and the pivotal role agents play.

Pictor turned to Mahsa Saeidi, an 8 On Your Side investigator, for help. Continue reading to get full details.

Home insurance saga unfolds

Jane Pictor, a long-time Florida resident, was stunned to receive a cancellation notice from Heritage Insurance, jeopardizing her coverage in the midst of hurricane season. Pictor had recently invested nearly $15,000 in a brand-new roof for her Palm Harbor home and had undergone wind mitigation and a 4-point inspection. Her history of responsible homeownership was overshadowed by the notice, citing "Other – agent no longer represents Heritage Insurance" as the reason for non-renewal.

Insurance broker Ronald Assise explained that insurance agents can face termination if they accumulate a high number of customers with claims. This policy change can directly impact homeowners like Pictor, who suddenly find themselves seeking coverage elsewhere. The age of the home and the condition of its roof often factor into insurers' underwriting rules, potentially leading to unexpected coverage cancellations.

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Agent intervention leads to a lifeline

Facing the prospect of transitioning to state-backed Citizens Property Insurance, Pictor expressed her desire to remain with Heritage Insurance, a provider she values. However, her attempts to secure alternative agent representation were initially denied, highlighting the challenging nature of navigating home insurance company policies.

In a surprising turn of events, after extensive outreach efforts of Mahsa Saeidi, Jane Pictor received a glimmer of hope. Heritage Insurance extended a one-time exception and offered to renew her policy, sparing her from the home insurance limbo she was facing. The episode underscores the pivotal role that insurance agents play in advocating for their clients and ensuring they are not compelled into less desirable coverage options.

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