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Why it's Important to Honor Your Mother according to Mr. Red

PicsArt 05 10 11.01.20 - Why it's Important to Honor Your Mother according to Mr. Red

In this special Mother’s Day edition of Calle Ocho News we have chosen to highlight a certain mother-and son-relationship in the community that stands out. It makes us very happy to see good mother-and-child relationships in our community and we want to do our part in sharing it with you so that you may share this with others or maybe even follow a great example. We live in a very fast-paced world where time is very limited to all of us. So how you spend your time is priceless because you will not get it back. It had been a long time since I have seen a mother-and-son relationship like that of Elena Arias and Alexander Arias AKA as Mr. Red of on Instagram.

I mean it is not every day you see someone like Alexander Arias who is a 30-year-old social media influencer including his mom in everything he does, and it truly is delightful to see. We asked Alex a couple of questions about the importance of his mother in his life and here is what he had to say:

Q: Why do you have such a close relationship with your mother?

A: My mom was easier to talk to; I mean don’t get me wrong I love my father, but he is not the talkative type, nor the best advice giver. I always wanted to ask questions and learn from things I saw going on in the world, and my dad wouldn’t really answer those types of questions. They would frustrate him, and I don’t know if it’s because he didn’t know the answers to them or if it’s because he was going through something else at that moment in his life. I was a kid and sometimes as we grow our parents add smoke and mirrors to what’s really going on to let us live that beautiful childhood. So, to answer your question… mom was just easier to talk to.

Q: What is your mother's best trait?

A: My mother’s personality. No matter what’s going on with our lives, my mom’s always in a great mood. She’s always smiling, dancing, ready to go party. She will never turn down a Moscow Mule nor some good music for a fun night out.

Q: What can you tell men your age about having a good relationship with their mother?

A: The best advice I can give men my age is: appreciate your mom… learn from your mom because 99.9% of the time mom knows what’s best for you and 102% of the time were upset because we know she was right.

Q: Why is treating your mother well so important?

A: Because mom made us, and mom raised us. If anyone in the world deserves royal treatment, no attitude ever and whatever in the world they desire... it’s mom.

We would like to influence the community to spend time with their mothers, share their life with their mother, take care of their mothers, give them the respect they deserve, and last, but not least, be grateful and appreciate her while she is still here because she will not be here forever.

- Calle Ocho News editorial and Mr. Red.

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