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WhatsApp’s new chat lock feature will upgrade cheating

Users mocked the new WhatsApp chat lock feature saying it’ll make cheating easier 

Meta-owned messaging app, WhatsApp has a new chat lock feature which will lock chats. These private chats will be secured by biometrics or passcode such as FaceID or TouchID. Users are joking about the feature calling it an upgrade in cheating in relationships.

Many took their concerns to Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook posts. Continue reading below to learn what the new feature entails and users’ reactions to it.

WhatsApp’s locked chats

The chats will be locked in a protected folder and their notifications won’t appear on the notification bar or the screen. Thus, enabling this feature will hide the content of the message and the sender.

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption to keep chats private and safe. However, the users joked that the new chat upgrade has also upgraded cheating.

One person called the feature advanced and amazing and a door to safe cheating whereas the other person wrote that WhatsApp has made the life of a cheating partner much simpler. Someone else remarked, “Cheating just got easier with this WhatsApp ‘lock chat’ feature”.

WhatsApp and other app icons

Individual locks

People are going crazy over this new feature. According to them, Mark Zuckerberg is only facilitating cheaters and not helping the relationship industry, many remarked under Zuckerberg’s post. Since people can lock each chat individually, it is only tailored to the needs of unfaithful partners.

Someone sarcastically commented, “Very amazing. Thanks for keeping our relationships safe!” and another added that this feature will be very useful for cheaters. People believe this feature will pave the way for more breakups and divorces. A user quipped, “Thanks Mark, I can now cheat in peace.”

The reactions are witty, funny and also show alarm. In the “Chat Lock: Making your most intimate conversations even more private” Meta revealed that this additional lock option is to help those who have to share their phone with others more often.

This chat-specific locker feature will keep their partner’s chat private. Meta wrote that when an extra special message arrives, people won’t have to worry about their phone in someone else’s hands.

Will this feature safe relationships or break them? Only time will tell. Subscribe to Calle Ocho News to get all the juiciest news on technology, business & economy and local Miami news.

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