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Viva El Lechon Libre festival: Honoring Cuban traditions with a cruelty-free twist

Aguacate Sanctuary of Love introduces a plant-based revolution to Miami's culinary scene

In a groundbreaking move to merge traditional Cuban festivities with a compassionate approach, Aguacate Sanctuary of Love proudly announces the Viva El Lechon Libre Festival. Set to revolutionize Miami's culinary landscape, this event aims to celebrate the cherished Latin traditions while advocating for cruelty-free dining experiences.

This event serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of Miami's culinary scene, preserving Cuban traditions while advocating for conscious, cruelty-free dining experiences that embody both flavor and compassion.

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Embracing tradition with a compassionate touch

Founder Daney Cabrera shares, "Our passion for cultural evolution inspired this festival, aiming to introduce healthier eating habits within our Cuban heritage." 

The Viva El Lechon Libre festival, held at Tropical Park on December 17, from 12PM to 6PM brings together the best of Latin cuisine, offering an array of plant-based pork dishes. Cabrera emphasizes the significance of offering vegan versions during traditional celebrations like Noche Buena. "Eating foods that come from love aligns with the spirit of this celebration," she notes. The festival showcases cruelty-free alternatives that honor tradition without sacrificing taste.

Beyond delectable plant-based offerings, attendees can revel in Tropicana dancers, live music, and a kids' bounce house, all celebrating the rich cultural heritage. Notably, a rescued pig from a local slaughterhouse will grace the event, embodying the essence of compassion Aguacate Sanctuary stands for.

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Lechon Libre festival: Promoting change and community engagement

Aguacate Sanctuary has garnered strong community support in previous events, reinforcing the rising interest in cruelty-free lifestyles. Cabrera underscores the role of community engagement in promoting healthier choices for both individuals and the planet.

"An animal-based diet is a leading cause of heart diseases, cancer, and deforestation," Cabrera notes. "It's time to take responsibility for our health and our planet." Attendees can expect top plant-based pork dishes from local eateries, live music, and cultural elements, promising exposure to Cuban culture from a health-conscious angle.

Experience a culinary journey honoring tradition with a compassionate twist at the Viva El Lechon Libre festival. Register via Aguacate Sanctuary of Love's Instagram or the provided link.

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