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The new Vice President of Miami-Dade Anthony Rodriguez; who he is and what he will prioritize

Anthony Rodriguez is here to help small businesses thrive in Miami and much more

Rodriguez was born in Miami and is of Cuban heritage. His grandparents always instilled a spirit of hard work and gratitude in him from a very young age. The family's strong moral compass helped mold young Rodriguez into the man he is today. With a heart full of gratitude, he decided to give back to the people and the country that had taken care of him and his family. He was motivated to do something for his country and leave a legacy for himself, his kids, and the generations that will shape America’s future.

At the tender age of 17, Rodriguez wed his high school sweetheart, Licette Rodriguez, and they went on to have three lovely children: Adrian (17), Tony (14), and Angelize (11). Following his graduation at the top of his class, Rodriguez and his wife went right to work and established a successful property management company that they continued to run 15 years later.

How Anthony Rodriguez got into politics

Anthony had always wanted to give back to his community, and he realized that if he wanted to make a difference, he had to get involved in the local government. Moreover, he noticed that the government was overreaching into small businesses, which was taking a toll on the growth and opportunities these companies could enjoy. After that, he began to take an active interest in politics and observe government policy toward micro and small enterprises.

He was a member of the legislature starting in 2018. For a total of four years, he served as a representative. He prefers his current role to that of a legislator since it gives him more opportunities to meet new people and make meaningful changes. He gets to listen to people’s daily issues and propose solutions to their problems.

During his time as a state representative, he oversaw the introduction of various measures that improved the quality of life for people in Miami. However, his passion for local governance ultimately led him to make the difficult choice to not run for re-election as an incumbent for his house seat.

Vicechairman Anthony Rodriguez

New Vice President of Miami-Dade County Anthony Rodriguez

Issues he's passionate about today and in the year 2023

The interests of small businesses have been and will remain at the forefront of his legislative career. His view is that the government should encourage and facilitate the expansion of small businesses. From his personal experience as a small business owner, he saw firsthand how excessive government involvement in commercial concerns was stifling rather than encouraging business growth. He believes that businesses need the government to provide the rules and regulations to operate. The government's role should be limited to ensuring that firms are transparent in their dealings with the public and helping them get off the ground.

This ideology encompasses what Rodriguez aims to achieve with his work as Vice Chairman, including what types of legislation he will support or sponsor. His work revolves around reviewing government intervention and how it affects his constituents and local businesses. In line with this, he also focuses on incentivizing affordable housing. Given the present housing crisis in South Florida and the high cost of homeownership in the area, he is concerned about the long-term viability of the housing market in this area. He uses his experience and expertise from his property management business to work closely with state allies and secure funding for affordable housing.

In 2023, he aims to improve waste management in Miami by making the licensing process easier for waste-hauling businesses. Currently, there is only one license that waste hauling businesses must apply for and it requires a hefty insurance policy and other fees. To make it simpler for start-ups and small enterprises to enter this market, he plans to work with the local government to establish a new license with less stringent permits, insurance, and other criteria.

Learn more about this inspiring man on his official page here.

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