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4 lessons all Hispanic teens in Miami should remember

Hispanic teens need to celebrate and value their culture, appreciating what they have

Living in a fast-paced, multicultural society can often make it difficult to hold on to your sense of identity, being, and belonging. It’s easy to lose yourself in the flashing lights and glamour of new opportunities, languages, and a chance to create history, but if there’s one thing all Hispanic teens should remember, it’s that your culture has a lot to offer you.

Some of the most valuable, lifelong lessons Hispanic teens should hold onto are:

Your language is a gift, not a curse

Spanish is the primary language for a vast majority of the population, especially in Miami. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you go; you should think of your language as a gift, and having the ability to speak in multiple languages is a blessing.

Don’t be ashamed of communicating in Spanish, especially not with family and community members who are unable to speak fluent English. Spanish is a language that contains millennia worth of history and culture.

There is no shame in hard work

There’s nothing wrong with having to work for what you have, whether it’s a part-time job, blue-collar opportunity, or the career of your dreams. Don’t take for granted what your parents and grandparents have had to work for or what they have now. You have a good life and incredible opportunities because of the migrant work ethic that many first-generation immigrants learned during their move. Nothing comes easy, and you may have to work twice as hard in a system that is not doing you any favors.

Embrace the opportunities that come your way and give it your best shot to make the most of everything because other people would have killed to have those chances.

A young Hispanic teenager shares a fruit basket with her mother.

Your culture and heritage are worth celebrating

There are many points in many young people’s lives when they may feel a sense of shame about their culture and heritage. It’s only normal to feel out of place, or like you’re too different, but that’s precisely where your strength lies. Your ability to stand out and be unique sets you apart from other people. The sooner you embrace your culture and heritage, the more confident you become in your identity and the easier it is to navigate the world around you. Nobody can make you feel less than.

Family is the pillar you lean against

Whether it’s your chosen family or the family you’re born into, remember that nobody will show up for you the way family does. They will always be the pillar you lean on and the people you fall back on, giving you the push you need, and it’s a very important pillar to hold onto for your life. Family and familial relationships are a major part of Hispanic culture, and it’s vital that Hispanic teens hold onto the same values and sense of togetherness.

It’s very important for the Hispanic teens of today and all young people to remember that nothing can take the place of their unique identity, history, and culture. Calle Ocho News is bringing you a ton of creative content and exciting news regarding current events, politics, and culture. Subscribe today to stay updated on local news, events, and much more.

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