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Small Businesses will benefit from 'Elevate District 5,' an Initiative by Commissioner Eileen Higgins

Commissioner Eileen Higgins continues working by helping small businesses and the people of Miami in various capacities

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins of the Board of County Commissioners, and representative for District 5, has just launched an incredible new initiative for small business owners in Little Havana.

‘Elevate District 5’ is an initiative that will focus on uplifting the local small business community in District 5 through a series of programs and partnerships.

Details about the program’s launch in early May

The new small business initiative, Elevate District 5, was launched on May 3, 2022, at the Tower Theatre in Little Havana. The event featured the introduction and inauguration of the event, as well as a panel discussion regarding the present situation of small businesses in District 5 and the premiere of the RISE Miami-Dade documentary.

It was a busy event that brought together some key stakeholders and players from Miami-Dade’s District 5, various experts in economic and business development, representatives of the state and county, and many members of the general public.

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What Elevate District 5 aims to accomplish

Elevate District 5 is a small business recovery and growth program. It’s heavily based on taking data and input from users, customers, and business experts to develop, leverage, and grow programs and tools that can be used by small businesses. The aim is to support and empower small businesses in District 5 and encourage them to take the lead on expansion and growth.  

The program is funded by the American Rescue Plan (ARPA), which is President Biden's plan to give direct aid to citizens, combat COVID-19, and uplift the economy after the major blow.

Additionally, RISE, was created through legislation sponsored by Commissioner Higgins and funded by the CARES Act and has successfully lent $20 million to small businesses in Miami Dade. This has supported around 900 businesses and, by extension, 4,500 families. RISE provides crucial data on Miami-Dade small businesses, which has enabled other parties to develop strategies that will improve and uplift the sector. After all, small businesses are the heart and soul of the local economy.  

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