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Unveiling holiday menu and offers of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill’s owner, Grant Gussin, shares insights on the holiday menu for all your catering needs

As the holiday fervor heightens, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, nestled in Riverlanding, gears up to delight patrons with a tantalizing array of catering offerings. In an exclusive interview, owner Grant Gussin unveils the diverse holiday menu, emphasizing the commitment to freshness and personalized culinary experiences. Continue reading this news to discover more about the catering options and beyond.

Seasonal catering selections and new additions

Grant Gussin illuminated the diverse holiday catering options available at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. The Grab and Go Taco Bar is one of the crowd-favorite options, allowing patrons to customize their tacos from an assortment of proteins, fresh veggies, and toppings. Gussin also revealed the introduction of new items featuring pork, enhancing the menu with items like empanadas and burritos showcasing this delectable protein. This seasonal focus on pork diversifies choices, catering to guests seeking unique and savory holiday fare.

A collage of food tacos, meat, and vegetables. A delicious assortment of various types of cuisine

Quality assurance and tailored holiday menu offerings

Quality and personalization take center stage at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's catering services. Gussin detailed their commitment to freshness - procuring top-quality ingredients daily, devoid of freezers, and relying solely on a walk-in cooler. For larger events, their adept handling of chafing dishes and sternos ensures the food remains fresh and piping hot, guaranteeing a premium culinary experience.

Moreover, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill prides itself on its adaptability in catering to diverse dietary preferences, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options in their holiday menu to cater to every guest's needs.

Further insights highlighted the convenience of the ordering process. Lime Fresh Mexican Grill sets a minimum order amount of $150, accommodating gatherings of varying sizes, from intimate affairs to grand celebrations. They have also catered to a crowd of 800-1000 people.

Gussin also highlighted an ongoing promotion, rewarding customers with Lime Rewards for purchasing gift cards, an additional incentive for those considering Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's services during this festive period.

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill offers catering services all year round. Those interested in hiring them for your holiday catering needs you can visit their official website.

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