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Ultra Music Festival 2022: 4 Things Partygoers Must Know

Ultra Music Festival 2022 party poopers ruin the fun for many this year

Ultra Music Festival 2022 party poopers

As Miamians progress on their weekend approximately more than 55,000 people are attending the Ultra Music Festival 2022 each of the 3 days of the event. The actual event that takes place every year except the last two due to Covid is currently going on from March 25th through March 28th at Bayfront Park.

Aside from the actual festival, there are many festivities surrounding the Ultra Music Festival that are going on around town during Music Week like the famous David Guetta performing at LIV on Saturday Night March 26th.

As a result, and as always there is nothing good that happens without something bad and unwelcome repercussions to watch out for. We spoke to City of Miami Police Department Commander Freddie Cruz who warned us pretty much to watch out for the following weekend.

Road closures

During the Ultra Music Festival, Biscayne Boulevard will shut down its northbound lanes in front of Bayfront Park from Southeast First to Northeast Fourth Street until the festival ends. Cars that are heading South will be rerouted using the Southbound lanes and rerouted West at Northeast 6th Street so stay away from downtown if you do not live there, work there, and if you are going to the festival take an UBER and get as close as possible then walk.

The same rules apply as being at a nightclub

Officer Cruz explains that if you go to a Nightclub or a part setting anywhere you basically need to watch out for three things but if you are at the Ultra Music Festival 2022 then there is one of the 3 that stand out the MOST this year.

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Don’t let anyone near your drink

We all know one too many stories of a tragedy or a crime that results from someone that did not pay close enough attention to the person they were hanging out with or a nearby partygoer with bad intentions. People can easily slip something into your drink to lower your inhibitions and take advantage of you both physically and monetarily by stealing your belongings so be wary, not everyone is as innocent as they look in Miami or anywhere really.

AVOID AVOID AVOID anything that might turn into a fight

If there is anything that can land you in the hospital in a heartbeat if you are a partygoer is a bottle or a fist or maybe even an elbow flying in your direction instead of the opponent just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fights break out in many unexpected places like traffic throughout this city but if you are in a club where there is loud music there can be miscommunications between people and you do not want to be in the middle so pay attention to your surroundings and AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Watch your phone and pickpocketing in general

Officer Freddie Cruz warns that the big one this year is cell phone theft. Pickpocketing in general is always very common in the festival and club scene because there are crowds of people either mildly or heavily intoxicated. When this happens there are others taking advantage of the situation at the expense of those with lowered defenses so if you are among these people secure your belongings because your cellphone is likely to get stolen at the Ultra Music Festival this year if you are not paying attention.

Commander Freddie Cruz TIP

Commander Freddie Cruz also has a very important message for everyone attending the Ultra Music Festival 2022.

Report any suspicious activity to police or to event security.

City of Miami Police Department Commander Freddie Cruz

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