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UK drivers urged to mind A/C rules or face fines

UK driversare asked to follow A/C rules and cool tips from car experts to avoid penalties.

As temperatures soar, UK drivers are being reminded to keep their vehicles well-ventilated with air conditioning or face potential fines. A driving instructor warns of penalties if drivers fail to comply with The Highway Code's A/C rule. Avoiding drowsiness and staying in control is crucial when driving, and adherence to the rules is essential to avoid hefty fines and points on licenses.

Cool behind the wheel: UK A/C rules demystified

UK motorists must pay attention to A/C rules outlined in The Highway Code to ensure their safety on the road. The code emphasizes the importance of well-ventilated vehicles to prevent drowsiness and minimize the risk of accidents. Drivers caught without proper ventilation may incur penalties, ranging up to $6,500 (£5,000), for careless driving and may also face license demerits.

Women feeling heat inside car and turning on the AC

Expert tips for comfortable drives

Car experts offer handy tips for drivers to stay cool during hot weather and comply with A/C regulations. Opening sunroofs and windows allows fresh air to circulate through the car, while setting the A/C to the lowest level can help maintain a comfortable temperature. Utilizing the air recirculation function efficiently further enhances the cooling effect.

Some drivers opt for cooling pads as a cost-effective solution to stay comfortable throughout their journey.

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