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The ugly truth about micellar water

micellar water

How to use micellar water correctly

Micellar water is the new trend all over the world in the beauty industry, used and advertised by more and more people and beauty bloggers. It successfully replaced the classic make-up remover, face toner and even soap and is it so loved because after using it you don't have to rinse your skin with water. But is it safe to use it daily? The answer is no and here's why.

The micellar water was first created by the Bioderma company in 1991. The formula contains micelles (oil molecules suspended in soft water) and surfactants which are often used in detergents, soaps, shampoos and shower gels for the easy breaking of the oils molecules on our skin, hair, dishes or clothes.

Here comes the interesting part. This product was invented for makeup artists only so they can have a fast and easy technique to remove the makeup from their models and clients faces without using makeup remover gels, soap, water and without spending too much time.

Basically, the micelles are drawing out from your skin the impurities such as dirt, oil, sebum and makeup. By drawing out the sebum and other natural oils from your skin, this product could dehydrate your skin and dry it out when it is daily used. Also, the surfactants used in other cleaning products, are better to be rinsed out of your face after using micellar water because they will dry out your skin too or even produce other skin damages. That's why you always rinse the soap, shampoo or shower gel out of your body.

Some studies have also shown that after only three weeks of using micellar water every day, the skin was dry, dull, it began to exfoliate and it was hard to apply makeup.

Yes, this product has a lot of advantages, it will clean your pores, it will remove your makeup, it's easy to use, it's ideal for your travel kit and you can even use it for cleaning your brushes by mixing it with some shower oil.

However, if you choose to use it daily, for a better skin care make sure you rinse your face with warm water after applying it and then put on some moisturizing face cream.

Don't forget that your skin is the biggest organ of your body so take care of it and always choose the best products and the best skin care routines.


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