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U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in search of Latin American Holocaust-related artifacts

On October 9, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted a program to spread awareness of Latin America Holocaust-related artifacts

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted an event for Latin American artifacts collection efforts. To carry out this mission, experts from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum traveled to Miami Beach Sunday to hold a free program regarding how the Holocaust influenced Latin America.

The experts also discussed the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s efforts to track down and preserve authentic artifacts, such as amateur films and home movies depicting the circumstances of people who immigrated to Latin America from Europe or settled there after the war.

About the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is an educational institution that operates as the nation's official memorial for Holocaust victims. The Museum is devoted to preserving the memory and relevance of the Holocaust while motivating leaders and people all across the globe to tackle prejudice, contain genocide, and uphold human dignity.

Key people that attended the event?

States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Doris Budowski
States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Doris Budowski

A real estate developer and resident of Miami Beach, Jimmy Resnick attended the event this Sunday to learn about the various Latin American artifacts the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum plans to preserve.

Jimmy Resnick is a member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Council, the Museum's presidentially appointed governing body. His late father, Abe Resnick, was a Holocaust survivor who fled to Cuba from Lithuania. Abe Resnick served on the Museum's Council during the board’s early years and gave testimony to the Museum.

Resnick plans to learn more about the artifacts before it gets too late,i.e., the artifacts disintegrate. This Miami Beach resident shares that his father was a survivor too, even though his siblings and parents were killed. He fled to Cuba, where Jimmy Resnick was born.

Jimmy Resnick further adds that families like his—who escaped to Latin America or Cuba—have evidence and documents about the Holocaust. Therefore, Sunday's program is crucial as it will raise awareness about the significance of the Holocaust evidence that needs to be rescued.

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