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Rickenbacker Causeway Accident Calls for Biker Safety Measures After Jeep Kills Two Bicyclists

Two cyclists died Sunday afternoon when a jeep hit them on the Rickenbacker Causeway, the police detained and cited the jeep driver

Miami police report that a jeep struck and killed two bikers on the Rickenbacker Causeway on Sunday morning. The two bikers were identified as a man and woman, according to the police report. Their names were released Monday as Yaudys Vera, 48, and Ogniana Reyes, 46, respectively. Firefighters from Miami's Fire Department arrived on the scene and pronounced both victims dead.

On Monday, Miami police reported that the driver in question had been detained and issued multiple citations. The name of the driver hasn't been made public yet.

About the accident on Rickenbacker Causeway

According to eyewitnesses, a Jeep smashed into the bicycles. It was then towed away from the scene. One individual was held for interrogation, and the causeway was closed down for a short period of time, according to police.

Monday morning, authorities reported that nobody was arrested. Witnesses confirmed that the jeep was severely damaged. The airbags were deployed, and the hood and windshield were completely broken. 

A bike lane on an asphalt road.

Call for better bike safety

Rickenbacker Causeway upgrades included a $500 million plan to improve safety and reduce the number of cyclist deaths. The plan was to bring in a private developer, but the project was abandoned in January due to a lack of policy backing.

Bernard Ziskovic, an architect and bicycle enthusiast, hopes the Plan Z idea gets approved soon. The proposal aims to fund a series of safety upgrades to improve biker safety. One of the measures will be to have a separate bike lane that doesn't interfere with vehicular traffic.

More immediate and long-term action is needed in response to the deaths of two cyclists. Miami is known for its many activities for bikers. Cyclists need more protection on the busy bridges connecting Key Biscayne and the rest of Miami.

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