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Trump promises to buy food for everyone at Versailles but left without paying

Donald Trump visited Miami’s famous Cuban restaurant Versailles in Little Havana

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Former president Donald Trump was indicted for 37-count federal criminal charges on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. After his arraignment, he visited Little Havana’s famed Cuban restaurant – Versailles – where he was reaching out to Cuban American voters for his presidential campaign.

Food for everyone – paid for no one

Trump was in Miami on June 13 to plead not guilty in a felony case that purported that he had been hoarding classified documents. The former US president was arraigned and fingerprinted in Miami. He decided to decompress at Versailles for a break and made a beeline for the bakery along with his entourage.

Trump is also running for the 2024 GOP presidential primary in the United States. In his attempt to reach out to Cuban American voters – the majority of whom support Republicans – he promised he will buy food for everyone at the restaurant.

However, according to Miami New Times, Trump left without picking up the check. The reporter said that the former US president is famous for fancying KFC’s chicken and liking his steak well-cooked and well-slathered with ketchup but doesn’t treat his fans with pastelitos, croquetas, or even a cafecito. Turns out, he didn’t pay for anything.

Versailles restaurant

A quick stop at Versailles

Located in the heart of Little Havana on 8th Street or Calle Ocho, Versailles is an iconic pit stop for politicians to draw the support of Cuban American voters in Miami.

A large crowd waited outside to greet the soon-to-turn-77-year-old politician with birthday greetings a day in advance. A knowledgeable source assured that Donald Trump only stayed at Versailles for about 10 minutes. Therefore, there was no time for anyone to place an order, let alone eat anything.

However, with his additional court appearances in South Florida and long GOP campaigns ahead, he will have plenty of time to make good on his promise.

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