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Transforming the art of Latinx storytelling threw the American Passport Experience

Alejandra Estefania is changing the art of storytelling of Latinx communities through American Passport Experience

Alejandra Estefania, a local Latina artist, is determined to transform the course of artistic storytelling. She intends to tell the diverse yet unifying stories of various Latinx communities residing in the United States by combing stories with technology.

With American Passport Experience, Alejandra turns stories of people into a nostalgic blend of poetry, photography, digital work, videography, and music. Explore how she found her calling in the news below.

An identity disconnect that turned out to be a blessing in disguise

Alejandra Estefania grew up in North Carolina, which naturally made her feel disconnected from her Latina identity. Later, she attended Miami’s art school, where she was exposed to a wide array of Latinx cultures. Inspired by the journeys of people around her, she knew she had to do something to celebrate these beautiful struggles and stories.

She calls culture the singular source of inspiration for her work. She intends for her work to be reflective of cultural diversity among the Latinx communities while simultaneously empowering them to take pride in Latinx heritage.

Woman Painting

What goals does American Passport Experience aim to achieve

One of the goals of this work is to provide a healing space for Latinx families and communities. Talking about a conversation with her father, she explained how in a way, it was liberating and healing – the power of storytelling.

The art of storytelling makes people forgiving of each other because they come to understand each other and their mutual and varying struggles. In that vein, she has been collecting stories and first-hand accounts of struggles so she can archive them for upcoming generations.

American Passport (AP) Experience collects the experiences of immigrants, their culture, faith, and courage. During Hispanic Heritage Month last year, AP raised awareness of the contributions made by Hispanic communities in America. Their stories were showcased on social media, and the campaign encouraged everyone to embrace their past and use it to shape their present and future.

Alejandra envisions that American Latinos use these stories as a mirror to identify themselves and educate others about their diverse and unifying experience as immigrant families. American Passport (AP) Experience will turn Alejandra’s work into an immersive experience to bring stories to life.

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