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Train Like Pablo to Experience Miami Dog Training Like no Other

Train Like Pablo is a great up and coming Miami dog training business that aims to train dogs with care and efficiency

Train like Pablo

Pet parents and owners in Miami now have the opportunity to work with a compassionate, caring, and empathic trainer to take care of their canines. Ilya Levin is the founder of Train Like Pablo, a one-of-its-kind dog training service in Miami that focuses on exercising honesty, compassion, and prioritizing what’s best for the dog and their families over unnecessary bells and whistles.

We sat down to chat with Ilya Levin and learn more about his passion and his business and learned a lot of interesting things about this dog-and-dad duo.

Ilya Levin’s journey as a pet owner

Levin knew from very early on that one day he’d be a dog owner. Despite always loving animals, he didn’t get that opportunity till he was finishing up his undergrad in public health at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore when he finally had the time and energy for that.

His Rottweiler, Pablo, an otherwise obedient, calm dog, who was well-trained and well-behaved, got increasingly aggressive and irritable after an unfortunate encounter in a dog park, where he was attacked by a husky.

Frustrated with the situation, Levin took him to a training center in Baltimore that truly changed the game for the pair. Not only did they help train Pablo and bring out the best in him, but it ignited a passion for Levin too.

Levin started Train like Pablo after his Rottweiler went through an unfortunate encounter.

An unusual career path to becoming a trainer

Soon after, Levin found himself moving to Miami, where he enrolled in a Masters in Public Health and was still interested in becoming a physical therapist.

It’s only when he was egged on by people who saw him training Pablo off-leash in public that he got the idea to start doing this professionally and starting Train Like Pablo. Eventually, he started taking a few clients and the rest is history.

With dogs dealing with separation anxiety affecting dogs that struggled with owners returning to work, he found a major gap in the market. Over time he set up Train Like Pablo and went around Miami training dogs.

There’s a focus on functional training, obedience, and other very purposeful tricks that dogs need to know. He hopes to learn more about training service dogs and personal protection canines in the future.

Follow the business on Instagram @trainlikepablo and their website, which also lists more details about their services including crate training, basic obedience, and more advanced obedience. You can call or text them at (305) 600-3190 for more pricing details, which may vary based on travel fees and other details.

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