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Tower Theater presents a “Trio of Films by Jose Navas”

The “Trio of Films by Jose Navas,” are three incredible short films by the Nicaraguan writer and filmmaker who brings them to Calle Ocho’s Tower Theater for you to enjoy. These films will be featured as part of an initiative to display the works of a young Miami filmmaker. 

Trio of Films Jose Navas

The films that will be shown are: 

  • The Rafter (2019) 20 min- This film sold out at the Olympia Theater and was part of the official selection for the Miami Film Festival. The movie takes place in Cuba, when on January 1, 1959 Dictator Fidel Castro took control of the country. Due to the limitations under his authority, Reinaldo Cruz was the first person that fled Cuba on a raft to regain his freedom on July 31, 1964. Watch the trailer here:
  • Beat Lingo (2021) 15 min- Another film that was part of the official selection for the Miami Film Festival. This one takes viewers to witness the lifestyle of a teenager that suffers from mutism. Marcus has been homeschooled, and therefore kept to himself. However, things are about to change when he starts real school and realizes he holds a special gift that has been hidden until now. Watch the trailer here:
  • With His Eyes Closed (2021) 15 min- Set in the city of Miami, Andres and his younger brother Miguel are living in a house with their physically abusive father. One day, after skipping school, Andres decides to escape but there arises an unexpected consequence. This may give him the strength and courage to fight back against his father and protect his younger brother. Watch the trailer here:

Jose Navas is the writer and director that funded FlickHouse Studios, which is credited with the production of the three films. He was raised in Miami and graduated from the Miami International University of Arts and Design, where he studied film. Navas's feature documentary debut was Miami Our City (2016). He also co-wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning short film "El Balsero." He has received support from the Knight Foundation, Sundance Institute, PBS, and NALIP for his work. 

Vanessa Gimenez served as the associate producer for two of the films: Beat Lingo and With His Eyes Closed. She is very excited to have these works displayed, as she knows all the work that it took to create the films. Keep a look out for the upcoming projects she has been working on within the company. 

On July 24, there will be a red carpet where the cast and crew from the film will be present. There will be a performance by the beatboxing artist Kamikaze, and the screenings of the films will be followed by a reception hosted by Miami Club Rum and E11even Vodka.

“We all love Miami and its culture but it is time to bring light to the film scene and authentic feel of the city we love,” said Jose Navas. 

The kickoff for the event will be on July 24 at 7 p.m., at the MDC’s Tower Theater Miami. This will include the red carpet event and reception. The films will then be shown for the entire week until July 29.

This is not something you want to miss! Tickets are on sale now for the premiere and the other showings, so get yours before they run out! You can purchase them at 

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