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Things to know before you move to Miami

While not all vacation spots make the best place to settle down in, Miami is one of those places where you could live forever. It’s true that visiting the city for a Little Havana tour is very different from actually packing your bags to move to Miami, but it’s a welcome change that you’ll soon grow to love. 

If 400, 000 people are proud to call this city their home, there’s something to be said about the culture, food, music, natural appeal, and family life here, right? But there are some things that you should know before you move here for the long haul. You can prepare yourself for the change of pace and scenery, and embrace the local traditions of Miami as you go, but here are some things worth noting.

Warmest welcome in the first bite 

As gorgeous as the beaches, palm trees, and clear skies may seem, becoming part of a new community is hard at first. But no matter where you’re from, the food will make you feel right at home. The food scene in Miami is the first thing you fall in love with, and you’ll have so much to look forward to, no matter what your preferences.

Not only are the local eateries replete with cuisines from around the world like Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, and Japan but also offer many budget-friendly options to choose from. The move may leave a dent in your finances but the food will not. 

That said, the ripened seasonal fruits make for delightful snacks, while the juiciest steaks, seafood, and BBQ are going to become staples in your diet. You’ll also find plenty of bars, food and drink festivals, and wineries that offer the most exotic drinks in town.

Beyond the Beaches 

From afar, it may seem like Miami is all about the beaches. It’s true that South Beach is popular for the crystal-blue waters, soft white sands, endless sunshine, and the bay lined with trees. But residents don’t go to touristy places that often. Those who live in the city have access to the beaches all year long, including in the off-season, so they steer clear of the seasonal crowds and noise. There’s a lot more to do in Miami, and you’ll learn as you go.

If you’re moving to Miami just for the beaches, we’d advise you to explore your options beyond the beaches too. Check out the malls and restaurants, or various parks and gardens in or outside town! You can hit the beach on weekends or holidays but avoid going during peak seasons and days.

Classic Art Deco architecture to steal your breath

If you’re into classic architecture from the early 1900s with Art Deco buildings in soft pastels and gleaming whites, Miami is the place to be. The way the city appears to you, at first, will have a huge impact on how you feel about living there. 

Beautiful cities offer excitement in the life of art lovers, who can’t help but fall in love with Miami’s stunning architecture, street art, and general liveliness. If you’re interested, check out the Art Deco District Walking tours to get a feel of the city and its beautiful buildings. 

The road life 

If you’re an early-to-bed, early-to-rise kind of person and value punctuality, you’re in for a rollercoaster. It’s almost miraculous if people show up to things on time in Miami; the traffic at Brickell Avenue drawbridge, the laid-back vibe, and general culture of the city are an accepted part of life here. 

Since Miami is a tourist hub, with that comes an overwhelming swarm of tourists who crowd streets and public places, take up parking spaces, and tend to slow life for locals down. This causes huge amounts of traffic and the residents have to make room for unexpected delays whenever they have to travel. 

But nothing compares to the beauty, excitement, and sense of adventure that Miami offers. Whether you get an apartment downtown, choose a quieter suburb, or find a home in the heart of Little Havana, you’ll fall in love with it soon enough.

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