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The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering for Successful Spring Cleaning

Decluttering when spring cleaning will help you clear your home and spaces more efficiently

Spring cleaning decluttering

There’s no better time than your annual deep cleaning session also to start getting rid of things you don’t want or need. Decluttering for spring cleaning can help make the overall cleaning process a lot smoother and faster because you’re not going to deal with excess junk and clutter getting in your way.

It may seem like extra work right now, but once you get into it, it’ll make things go smoother and faster than before. Here are some tips for successful decluttering during spring cleaning:

Start by making a detailed schedule

Having a schedule helps to declutter immensely. You want to lay out a game plan for the entire excursion, going room by room, space by space, and tackling everything step by step.

Pick out the room that is either the easiest, so you build your momentum, or the hardest, so you get the bulk of the work out of the way. Don’t do everything at once, or you risk getting fatigued and burnt out, as well as making other rooms inaccessible while you clean.

Let’s say you start with your bedroom first and work your way around the house, from kids’ rooms to closets to the kitchen. Or you clean out your pantry first and work backward, so you have a clean place to eat and cook.

Decide what stays and what goes

Bring out everything you’ve placed in each space and start the decluttering process. Again, this may be easier for some spaces, such as the pantry or medicine cabinet, than it would be for decor and personal items, so you may want to plan accordingly. Divide your things into things that are staying, things that can be sold or donated, and things that will be trashed. Once you’ve decided that comfortably, move on to the very next phase.

The next phase of decluttering entails getting rid of the things you’re not keeping. This is definitely an unconventional route, but imagine how much it would free up your space. Either throw out what you’re not keeping, drop off donations, or bag everything you want to sell and donate and stash it elsewhere like a garage or closet. Visually, it’s important to declutter and make space.

Clean the things that are staying so you’re not expending unnecessary energy either. It’ll make everything faster and more convenient.

A person vacuums their rug during their spring cleaning.

Think about the aesthetics closely

This is also your chance to think about your spaces' overall look and feel. Is it time for a decor upgrade and to say goodbye to the things you no longer need or want? Yes, it is! Deciding on the visual and aesthetics you want to emulate can be a gamechanger when decluttering since it makes it a process of elimination.

With every non-sentimental decor item or display, piece ask yourself: does this fit into the vision I have for my home? If not, it’s time to say goodbye.

Alternatively, you can also upcycle old furniture and other home decor pieces to save more in the long run.

Deep clean before replacing everything

Lastly, be sure to deep clean each room before you replace all the items in it. That means cleaning out the shelves and closets, the floors and rugs, keeping all your storage spaces immaculate before things go back in their resting places so everything is more accessible. A little baking soda and vinegar can make one of the most powerful cleaning solutions to help with this.

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