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The Story of AMPARO™ Goes Beyond Borders Through a Virtual Instagram Experience

Enjoy the story of AMPARO™ from anywhere in the world, thanks to the all-new Instagram experience

The AMPARO™ Experience goes virtual on Instagram with its brand new online venture. Officially launching the Instagram page @the AMPARO™experience, it has taken its story to a global scale through this virtual experience.

What The AMPARO™ Experience is about

The AMPARO™ Experience tells the story of the Arechabala family, the founders of the original The Real HAVANA CLUB rum, through their journey of exile, heartbreak, loss, and finally, success.

Documenting some of the challenges they faced while making their escape and the work it took for them to start their own business from nothing, and making it the raging success it was, is inspirational, to say the least.

The story is one of the most powerful tales to have come out of the Cuban revolution and shares the intricate, intimate details of love, exile, pain, and loss through Amparo’s eyes. It takes a post-retrospective angle, starting from 1957 when Amparo met Ramon Arechabala.

The unique theatre experience was originally intended to be a 2-month commitment in 2019. However, after being such a hit in Florida, it is now being shared via the Instagram page.

Officially launching the Instagram page @the AMPARO™experience, it has taken its story to a global scale through this virtual experience.

What’s unique about the online experience

For one, the online experience is accessible, public, and acts as an archive for all the interesting information, news, insights, and details shared. The power of social media also helps create powerful narratives to tell the story of the Arechabala family, using images, videos, and multi-media to communicate that.

The 51 carefully curated in-feed posts include static images and 30 to 60-second videos that tell a chronological story, looking back at 1957 Cuba from present-day Miami.

Shot across various locations in Miami, it’s the perfect homage to this incredible story and worth a view.

Working closely with Center for a Free Cuba, HAVANA CLUB will be donating $1 for every follower gained on @TheAmparoExperience up to $25,000. It has also partnered with Bacardi, helping deliver aid in medicine and monetary forms to the people of Cuba.

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