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The Menina of Little Havana a Dedication to all Women

The beautiful Menina sculpture has been completed and is waiting for you to view it in Futurama 1637 Art Galleries in Little Havana. Pati Vargas, curator for Futurama Art Galleries ran the project as a collective community effort for 36 incredible artists to paint their art freely on the skirt of the sculpture.

The doll came to be an inspiration that originated from the famous Spanish oil painting by Diego Velázquez in 1656. The oil painting called Las Meninas is a representation of life in the court of King Philip IV of Spain. Until today the piece remains one of the most intriguing in the Western world because of the placement of the different figures.

Pati's project was to create a unique life-size version of a Menina Sculpture, which thanks to Sculptor Julio Cesar, came to fruition beautifully. With vibrant colors and distinct features, the piece is absolutely stunning! A special exhibit will be put together displaying the participating artists’ version of Las Meninas. All the artists that took part in the creation of the sculpture will also have their work displayed in the exhibit that starts on June 19th until July 5th. 

As the curator of Futurama, Pati Vargas said, “This is a collective exhibit, and it has been a joy to see so many amazing artists take part in creating the sculpture for everyone to enjoy.”

The sculpture stands at six feet tall with red flowers adorning her hair, a delicate guayabera on her torso painted by Manuel Bello, and a full skirt with distinct pieces by different artists. Futurama dedicated the sculpture to all the women of the world. It stands at the gallery as a celebration of strength and empowerment for all to witness. 

Futurama Galleries is located in the community of Little Havana at 1637 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33135. It was inaugurated in 2011 as a gallery and a creative workspace for local and international artists. There are 12 art studios in-house and five offices to accommodate all artistic needs and provide opportunities for artists at all stages of their careers. The gallery is always popping with art openings, music productions, business, and networking events that are scheduled all year long. Futurama hopes to expand knowledge of contemporary visual arts and culture in the community. They excel in their mission by putting together education, exhibition, and public outreach programming.   

What are you waiting for? Head on over and admire the new Menina of Little Havana! 

To keep up with future exhibits and events put together by Futurama Galleries, be sure to follow them on Instagram @Futurama1637artgalleries. Follow Pati Vargas as well for other great opportunities within the community. 

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