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The Clerk of Courts are Here to Help during COVID-19

Clerk of Courts

The Clerk of Courts released a statement informing the public that they are willing to help during these trying times. COVID-19 has affected many local residents, especially financially, by forcing them to stay at home and not go to work. While some people can work from home, not all can, leading to financial instability. 

The Florida Clerk of Courts is a statewide nonprofit member association that is composed of the Florida Clerks of Circuit Court and Comptrollers (FCCC). They provide support services to the local government, as well as technical assistance and accreditation opportunities for members of the association.

During this time, Florida Clerk of Courts is being extremely understanding and is allowing people who have court-ordered financial obligations, like traffic ticket payments, to make a payment plan. There are payment plans available for those whose finances have been compromised due to COVID-19.

The clerks are committed to working with individuals to find the best payment options to fit their current circumstances, which is exactly what locals need during this difficult time. The first step is making sure your clerk is aware of your situation. 

“Clerks are willing to help, but they depend on individuals asking for the help they need,” said chief executive officer of the FCCC, Chris Hart IV. “Otherwise, clerks may not know someone is having trouble making payments.”

The Clerk of Courts encourages you to connect with your local clerk to discuss a payment plan or adjust current plans to fit your financial situation.

“Floridians should not be afraid to talk to their clerk about adjusting their payment plan or agreeing on reasonable repayment terms during these trying times,” said Hart.

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