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The biggest fashion trends of 2023

2023’s fashion trends are all about standing out while cozying in with practical cuts and colors

The 2023 fashion trends are welcoming a shift towards a more utilitarian aesthetic, with styles including cargo trousers, denim, and relaxed cuts. This doesn't mean there won't be exciting fashion moments this year. The 2023 season's most popular styles are those that complement a wide range of body types and skin tones with universally attractive cuts and hues.

Here's what you should expect to see on store shelves and runways as fashion trends in 2023:

Cargo pants with a modern twist

As 2023 is the year of utilitarian fashion trends that usher in the comeback of the cargo pant. These, however, aren't the baggy, low-rise trousers of the Y2K period. For spring, this is reflected in fitted cuts, unusual pockets, luxurious materials like satin, chiffon, and organza, and a palette that extends beyond the traditional khaki, beige, and olive.

Denim on denim is back on trend

While denim never went out of style, the obsession with this material hasn't been this intense since the early 2000s. Even high-end designers on the catwalk seem to be on board, putting out everything from strapless dresses and shirts to pants and shoes—all made of denim. Just remember to go for classic shapes and silhouettes in whichever category you end up going with so that you may keep wearing them even after the excitement has worn off.

Denim clothing hung on a clothes line

Pretty and practical floor-length skirts

Following on the heels of 2022's super impractical miniskirts comes this year's dominant fashion trends: maxi skirts. Plenty of low-rise, pocket-abundant designs and denim skirts that reach the floor will be popular this season, in keeping with the utilitarian theme. This trend will also include bold patterns and unusual fabrics, such as velvet. 

Flaming reds and crimsons

Here’s a trend we’re super red-dy for (get it?). When Rihanna wore an all-red outfit for her Super Bowl performance, she was unquestionably ahead of the fashion curve. For Fall 2023, designers including Sandy Liang & PatBo, Tory Burch, and Wiederhoeft all used glossy crimson tones on their runways. Imagine bold, ripe reds with warm orange accents that would complement any outfit, whether you're decked top-to-bottom or using the color as a statement element.

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