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The Best Seasonal Foods to Try in Miami

When you’re in Miami, you have to try everything the city has to offer. We didn’t make the rules.

 The restaurants and local eateries are sautéing, seasoning, and grilling the most mouth-watering cuts of prime meat, preparing the freshest produce, and garnishing your platters for a summer feast. Only in Miami will you find the most incredible seasonal foods, soul food, best crab delicacies, and taste the creamiest pies—many of which you can try on your Little Havana tours

Miami is home to the most flavorful summer treats and also brings the most popular foods from all over the world from Spain, Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, and other countries to you. Don’t stress about gaining extra pounds because you’ll never find this kind of authenticity, flavor, and deliciousness anywhere else!

Here are some of the best seasonal foods you must try in Miami:

Stone Crabs 

You haven’t lived till you’ve tried the famous Stone Crabs at Joe’s Stone Crab. This meal has gained a cult following over the years that it has become a vacation staple for tourists visiting Miami. With a side of the freshest coleslaw slathered in creamy mayo and the most comforting melt-in-your-mouth hash browns, the crabs taste heavenly! Not a seafood fan? These Stone Crabs may just convert you.

Croqueta Preparada

Making great food isn’t always about finding the rarest ingredients from all corners of the world; it’s about delicately balancing flavors and experimenting in new ways. This summer delight is the prime example of that because it is so easy to take with you on the go or to the beach. Croqueta Preparada is no ordinary Cuban sandwich; it comes with a filling of ham, pork, pickles, mustard, and cheese. The secret to these babies is the ham croquettes that add an extra flavor to every bite. If you were pardoned one sin while you’re in Miami, it would be gluttony for this sandwich. Visit Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop in the Midtown area and devour as many croquetas as you can.

Key Lime Pie

With the summer sun glaring over your heads, it’s impossible to fully enjoy overwhelmingly rich desserts like sickly sweet cake, or gooey brownies. You’re probably bored of having the same boring old desserts too.

But key lime pie is the perfect seasonal dessert, thanks to it’s light, airy, and tangy flavor. Balancing sweet and tart—this pie is pure perfection. The delicious creamy flavor melts into your mouth and the combination of flavors leaves your palate begging for more. It’s the perfect treat after a fancy dinner date, or as a snack for a stroll through the streets of this beautiful city. 

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