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The 2022 Miami Entertainment Months are back with a bang

 Miami Entertainment Months kicks is here with activities, performances, and so much more

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is back with Miami Entertainment Months. This two-month-long program started on October 1 and will continue until November 30.

Miami Entertainment Months will highlight Miami Beach and Greater Miami's entertainment scene through exciting deals, ticket packages, and much more. In addition, there will be theater and music performances, live entertainment, outdoor attractions, etc. This is the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors to explore what Miami has to offer.

Here's all you need to know about Miami Entertainment Months

Miami Entertainment Months is among the seven programs of the Miami Temptations Program inititiated by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is Greater Miami and Miami Beach’s official not-for-profit marketing and sales organization.

The themed months aim to raise awareness and appreciation of the lively destination by offering various discounts and programs for visitors and locals to enjoy.

What are the highlights of this program?

A thrilling live musical show

Miami Entertainment Months offer visitors a fun-filled fall program consisting of various musical delights, performances, discounts, and much more. The main highlights of the program include ticket deals for over nine shows, such as Miami City Ballet: Romeo & Juliet, Disney Princess the Concert, etc.

Visitors can also get a 15% to 20% discount on musical performances by the Rhythm Foundation. In addition, guests can make the most of Magic Mike Life at The Balfour Hotel with the Havana Honeys package.

The package consists of a pre-show private demo and tickets to the show. Plus, guests can become VIPs through Magic Mike’s Exclusive Package. So, they can get lounge access to meet the cast members after the show ends while enjoying delicious cocktails, food, and live music.

Miami Entertainment Months will also kick off the holiday season with a discounted price on the holiday rock ‘n’ roll musical— MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET CHRISTMAS.

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