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A convicted member of the ‘Terrorist Boyz,’ a notorious street gang, free on probation

Terrorist Boyz Benson Cadet, freed from Miami jail on probation after being acquitted in a murder case

Benson Cadet, 39, a member of the notorious Terrorist Boyz, has left Miami jail after getting himself a plea deal. He has spent 20 years behind bars.

Here’s what we know so far:

Cadet will remain on probation for the next two decades

A few weeks ago, jurors found Cadet not guilty in one murder case, after which he struck a plea deal and has now left Miami-Dade jail on probation.

The member of Terrorist Boyz is far from free. He has previously pleaded guilty to murder and will be on probation for the next two decades. If he’s found in violation, he could spend his life in prison.

Cadet’s defense attorney commented on how this man who once looked at the death penalty is now out on probation. He said that Benson wants to live a normal life.  

The Terrorist Boyz were the cause of violence in North Miami Beach in 2002 when the street gang plowed a car through a gun shop, stole over 30 guns, and went on to hunt rivals involved in a gang war with them. This incident led to at least a dozen murdered people and the creation of a task force.

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What happened to the rest of the Terrorist Boyz?

In 2007, a grand jury charged five members of Terrorist Boyz with the death penalty. The convicted members included Benson Cadet, Max Daniel, Robert St. Germain, Jean-Marie, and the gang leader, Johnny Charles, or ‘Angel of Death.’

Robert St. Germain was given a plea deal that sentenced him to 12 years in prison. Jean-Marie was given a life sentence. Johnny Charles and Max Daniel are awaiting trial, but one thing’s for sure: the ring leader will not be out of prison until the 2070's.

Cadet Benson, on the other hand, has been behind bars since 2002 on charges of drug dealing and weapon holding. His sentence for those charges is over.

Cadet was also accused of having a role in four murders and a dozen attempted murders. He had his first trial in 2019, where he was acquitted of many charges and convicted of just one count of conspiracy.

Last month, Cadet was brought to court, where he was tried for murder in 2002 and was acquitted. Prosecutors are now trying to ensure Benson remains under supervision and is convicted for his role and involvement in Terrorist Boyz.

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