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Tere Garcia: Mother, Architect, MDX Spokesperson

Tere Garcia is one of the many faces responsible for assuring that the tolls collected by the MDX locally get invested locally so we can enjoy the 112, 836, 874, 924, and 878 we enjoy today

Highlighting Tere Garcia

As we wrap up Women’s History Month we would like to highlight Tere Garcia who is a mother, Senior Vice President, and Partner of the architectural and engineering firm Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc., as well as spokesperson for the MDX. Tere Garcia as we know her is a force to be reckoned with.

An architect by profession, Garcia holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture with a master’s degree in urban planning; she has combined her professional training, passion, and expertise to serve Miami-Dade for over two decades.

Who is Tere Garcia?

Born in Cuba, Tere Garcia was one of the Peter Pan kids who made their way to the United States independently. Followed by her mother and then her father three years later, the family relocated to Puerto Rico until she got married at age 27 and moved to Miami.

Since the very start of her career, she has been interested in public development and urban planning, working in Puerto Rico for the government, and continuing that work in Miami, where she eventually joined the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. At the Chamber, she had the opportunity to learn more about planning, architecture, and of course, transportation which eventually became her passion.

A photo of Tere Garcia smiling at the bar.

The remarkable work she’s done

During her time at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, she joined a group of community and business leaders to create a local expressway authority whose main purpose would be to keep revenues from tolls local so they can be used for local transportation improvements. This effort culminated in the creation of MDX by the MiamiDade County Commission, and the rest is history. For twenty-five years, Garcia has been the face of the MDX, representing them as their spokesperson.

While building an illustrious career working with Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. for over two decades, she has continued to focus much of her attention on the MDX and work as an extension of staff of MDXs general engineering consultants. She is recognized for her role and service to the organization, having worked closely through many boards and with the past and hopefully upcoming Executive Directors. In fact, any media representation, PRs, official communication for the MDX goes through her.

Tere Garcia is one of the most impressive people that run the show behind the scenes and deserve recognition for her hard work and dedication.

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