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Land-Based Fishing: 6 game-changing techniques

You can learn to master the art of land-based fishing without a boat with these not-so-secret secrets

If having no boat has been keeping you from fishing, say no more. You can learn to fish without a boat if you follow the tips outlined in this post. Granted, land-based fishing may seem daunting, but it’s not impossible.

Let’s get started!

Prime locations for land-based fishing

First things first, you should learn to locate the best spots. One way to do that is via Google Maps satellite which uses satellite imagery to pinpoint the best spots. Piers is also the perfect destination for land-based fishing. Lucky for Floridians because the Sunshine State has an array of public piers where you fish without a boat. For incredible fishing opportunities, check out Sebastian Inlet Pier, Juno Beach Pier, Dania Beach Pier, and Sanibel Island Pier.

Another important tip for land-based fishing is to locate inlets. Water is dumped into the ocean in these areas, and the tides then come to estuaries and rivers. You’ll find plenty of fish for land-based fishing due to the high currents.

If the pier isn’t your cup of tea, you can fish on the bridge. As the saying goes, “Every bridge in Florida holds fish,” so you’ll find an abundance of snapper, redfish, trout, snook, grouper, sheephead, and almost all inshore species under the bridges. The best part? Bridges are easily accessible. Use Google Maps to locate fish bridges.

Art of surf

It may seem daunting to learn the surf, but knowing to read the water will help you pinpoint where predator fish are. Once you get a hang of runouts, troughs, sandbars, and cuts, you can, fishing at the beach won’t be as intimidating. Again, use Google Maps to locate inlets with high currents for the best spot.

A cheap set of binoculars, polarized sunglasses and a 10-inch surfcasting combo will be your best friends to cover the water columns.

Live or artificial shrimp

Every specie underwater eats shrimp so you can use shrimp to catch fish. If your local shop doesn’t have live shrimp, you can always opt for artificial ones for incredible results. Ensure that your bait is sunk to the bottom. Jerk it up and repeat for the best results. Imitate the moves of a live shrimp and work at various speeds.

Topwater spook

Topwater spook is the widely used fishing lures in both saltwater and freshwater. It’s the most useful way to fish without a boat. The good news is that you can throw topwater lures anywhere in Florida for an amazing fishing day.

A man fishing near a grass field

Casting a net

If there’s one important fishing tip that you should learn for land-based angling, it’s to learn the art of throwing a cast net. You can improve your catch rate once you get the hang of it.

Take time & have fun

If you want to make the most of your fishing experience, take time to learn one spot. Learn the depths, tides and best times of that spot. Likewise, go out to have fun and make memories. Don’t forget to clean your lures, monofilament and trash!

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