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Taylor Swift's legal genius takes center stage at UM Law School

Discover how Taylor Swift's music and legal battles have become the subject of a fascinating class at the University of Miami's Law School!

In a world where most Taylor Swift fans are drawn to her music and lyrics, there's a unique academic perspective at the University of Miami's School of Law. Professor Vivek Jayaram's innovative work merges the appeal of Taylor Swift's music with the fascinating field of intellectual property law. The end result? A rigorous seven-week course that uses Taylor Swift to examine intellectual property.

Taylor Swift: The intellectual property genius

Most people know Taylor Swift as a multi-talented artist who's taken the music world by storm, but at the University of Miami's School of Law, she's also recognized as an intellectual property genius. Vivek Jayaram, an attorney specializing in intellectual property, is teaching a course titled "Intellectual Property Law Through the Lens of Taylor Swift." The class delves into Swift's encounters with legal issues throughout her career, helping students understand the relevance of intellectual property law to their future endeavors.

The first session of the course began in October as part of UM's LL.M. in Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law program. Nineteen of the 54 students enrolled in the program took the opportunity to take this special course. Jayaram intends to discuss a wide variety of issues, including the several lawsuits that have been brought towards Swift, like the Evermore Park case and copyright violation charges around "Shake it Off."

Students will also learn about Swift's troubles with the paparazzi, including her trademark registrations, contracts, and other legal battles over the invasion of her privacy. New trademark applications filed by Swift's fiance, Travis Kelce, show that the curriculum is still developing.

Taking 'Swift' action in legal education

Third-year law student and avid Swift fan Alanna Sadler excitedly enrolled in the class because of her interest in the subject matter. Sadler is working on both a Juris Doctor and a Master of Laws degree at UM. Students in UM's LL.M. in Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law program benefit from a dynamic combination of core and concentration courses that prepare them to apply legal principles to emerging practices in the field.

The law school at UM is well-known for its extensive selection of specializations, which includes eight separate degree tracks. Brace yourself for the challenges of the entertainment sector with a master's degree in arts, sports, and law. Associate Dean for Academic and Student Services at the University of Miami School of Law Greg Levy emphasizes the significance of these specialized courses by pointing out that they teach students about relevant industry trends and useful lawyering abilities.

As Taylor Swift's legal journey continues to captivate the world, the students at the University of Miami are taking a deeper look at the intricate world of intellectual property law through her remarkable career. This unique class shows that law isn't just about textbooks and statutes; it can also groove to the beat of Taylor Swift's music.

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