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Taxpayers will no longer pay for damaged county property

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A new resolution that benefits taxpayers establishes a procedure for holding individuals responsible for damaging county-owned property

The Miami Dade County Board of Commissioners recently approved a resolution proposed by District 11 Commissioner Joe Martinez which will implement a universal procedure to hold community members accountable for damaging property owned by the county instead of taxpayers.  

The procedure aims to collect damages from people and companies that damage property owned by the county within the “county right-of-way”. This includes trees, guardrails, and traffic signs. 

The resolution also requires police officers to include information in their reports that can be used to identify the individuals responsible for the damage. These detailed reports will allow the Internal Services Department to submit claims regarding motor vehicle accidents to car insurance companies. Beyond consulting insurance companies, they will seek compensation for damages directly from the individuals or companies responsible for the damage. 

The Internal Services Department aims to promote the best and most efficient government operational practices, which is why this resolution is inclusive of the department as part of the enforcement. 

“This resolution is giving us the ability to take vigorous actions to seek damages or restitution in order for the County to repair and replace the damaged County property at the expense of the responsible party rather than the general taxpayers”.

Commissioner Joe Martinez

Thus, the resolution will officially relieve taxpayers of the responsibility of paying for damages done to county property that was not their wrongdoing. 

About Commissioner Joe Martinez

Commissioner Martinez began his career as a public servant in 1984 when he became a police officer in Miami-Dade County. He was born and raised in Miami, getting his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Barry University. 

To learn more about the Commissioner, visit the Miami-Dade Government website. 

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