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“Everybody deserves a home,” says Tara Hoskins of Equity Express Mortgage

Tara Hoskins owns Equity Express Mortgage a family-friendly mortgage company that helps people from walks of life to find their dream home

Tara Hoskins has been working as a mortgage broker since 1983. Before finding her calling at the age of 19, she worked at a daily newspaper. She says that’s what makes her good at what she does: taking care of clients, understanding deadlines, and carrying out her responsibilities.

Here’s everything we’ve learned about her journey, her plans for the future, and her insight into Miami’s mortgage sector.

How did she end up working as a mortgage broker?

Tara Hoskins worked in the advertising department of a daily newspaper, St. Augustine Record. She worked at the daily newspaper for 6 years before joining the mortgage brokerage company that kept trying to recruit her during her newspaper days in 1983. Her ability to relate to people, meet deadlines, and make things happen by seeing them through is what they were looking for and they found it in Tara Hoskins. they solicited me and solicited me and solicited me, and one day, I said okay, and I started off,” commented Tara on her journey to working as a mortgage broker.

She explained to us how working in advertising contributed to her successful career as a mortgage broker because she understands what clients want and how to help them.

Helping non-conforming and premium clients alike

We talked about the average refinancers and what they expect. With over 40 years of experience working in the industry, she has seen it all – savings and loan disasters, historically low-interest rates, and whatnot.

People are still coming to terms with the higher rates. That said, “People are buying homes and staying indoors post-pandemic,” she said. According to Tara, people now have secure and steady jobs, unlike in 2008 when false money was involved.

This allows Equity Express Mortgage to help everyone, including premium and non-conforming clients, because everybody deserves a home.

What would she want to change about the mortgage industry

Banks have gotten more stringent following financial disasters in the past. The due diligence has led to more investigation and documentation. The ridiculous amount of documentation on disclosure is insane, according to Tara.

If she could, she would want to reduce the set of disclosure to one instead of three because it gets frustrating for clients and brokers themselves. Despite these challenges, she loves her job because these stringent requirements haven’t kept people from buying homes.

Tara Hoskins posing for the pictures

She works for thank yous

What she loves the most about her job is “people.” Tara Hoskins shared with us that she works for the grateful smiles and helps people flow through the huge pile of documents. She takes pride in her job because it allows her to coordinate with various parties besides clients to make things easier for them.

Plans she wishes to achieve for her company

She has worked in a big company enough to know that she wants the opposite for her own company – Equity Express Mortgage. Her plans for the future are to keep it simple to retain the essence of her family-friendly company.

Having a smaller company allows her to work with clients from all walks of life. She has been working for families from their 1st to 4th generation. In a way, she gets to grow with them. This isn’t possible in a larger company because its hampers workflow.

She’s happy to take applications from those looking to buy their first home, but she also emphasizes the idea of starting small. “Your first house doesn’t have to be your dream house,” said Tara Hoskins. 

You can contact her at Equity Express Mortgage Corp. in Coral Gables FL their phone number is 305-445-7759 where you can make an appointment to get prequalified.  Their offices are located at 3850 Bird Rd, Suite 403 Miami, FL 33146.  You can also reach out to Tara Hoskins via Facebook.

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