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Keith Melvin Moses, suspect in the homicide of a reporter skipped the hearing due to mental health

Facing homicide charges, Keith Melvin Moses missed a court hearing on the grounds of poor mental health

19-year-old Keith Melvin Moses was accused of a woman’s murder in Florida and then returned to the crime scene to shoot a report and a minor while wounding the other two. He skipped the first court hearing allegedly on the grounds of mental health.

The attacks took place in the Orlando neighborhood, according to Orange County Sheriff. Continue reading this news.

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Three charges of homicide in one day

The 19-year-old was accused of two additional charges of homicide following the murder of a 9-year-old. Defendant’s lawyer waived his court appearance before Judge Robert Egan based on mental health. He also pleaded not guilty on Keith Moses’ behalf.

Moses is held on one first-degree homicide, two first-degree homicides with a firearm, one armed burglary with a firearm, and two attempted first-degree homicides with a firearm, according to Orange County reports.

Following the shooting spree on 22nd February, the suspect was arrested and relocated to the hospital for evaluation. According to the arrest warrant, Moses didn’t talk to the medical staff or deputies, rather smiled and made facial expressions. He also made gestures of a gun pointing at his head.

Throughout his interview with the homicide detectives, he smiled and closed his eyes without answering the questions. He also looked at the cameras when detectives left the interrogation room.

News 13 Murder Victim
Dylan Lyons of Spectrum News 13

The lives affected by the incident

38-year-old Nathacha Augustin was found dead outside a Hyundai Sedan, and according to police reports, she was an acquaintance of Moses. He fled the crime scene but hours later entered the backyard of a home where he shot T-Yonna Major, 9, and her mom.

The woman called 911 upon hearing the gunshot. Moses fled the house and fatally shot 24-year-old Dylan Lyons – a Spectrum News 13 reporter, as he sat in the passenger seat. His photographer was also shot but survived.

Other journalists remained at the scene to capture the incident. The 9-year-old Major died while her mom was in critical condition.

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