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Horrible Surfside condo collapse victims to receive billion dollar settlement

The Surfside condo collapse has increased the pressure for change and reform

Thursday, June 24, 2021, at around 1:30 am, the Chaplain Tower South Surfside Condo Collapse changed the lives of over 160 people, including several families and individuals who lost their lives, sustained life-changing injuries, or lost loved ones.

The incident is one of the most tragic and harrowing examples of poor regulation and dodgy construction practices, and many victims and their families are still seeking justice.

This week, however, just shy of a year since it happened, a billion-dollar settlement has been announced.

Details about the settlement being offered in Surfside

The overall settlement is worth a billion dollars and was secured less than a month before the first anniversary. Court proceedings have been complicated, demanding, and tough, and it’s been quite the journey as legal teams fight to get some form of reimbursement for the victims.

This is not a replacement for the lives lost, and no amount will ever be enough to compensate for the devastation caused by this incident, but it’s a start. Many families will be able to afford necessities, cover legal fees, and receive compensation for disabilities and other effects of the collapse.

A gavel placed on top of a pestle on a judge’s table.

Key impacts of the tragic condo collapse

The Surfside collapse resulted in stronger advocacy and regulation for condo construction standards, as families of the victims, activists, and politicians have rallied to push for legislation at the state level. It’s vital that we hold developers and builders accountable and hold them to a higher standard of construction without compromising on quality, safety, and other essential facets.

While the condo collapse should never have happened in the first place, it’s also a lesson for legislators, developers, and other stakeholders to improve construction standards.

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