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Celebrate and support Black Business Month all year long

Supporting Black-owned businesses during Black Business Month and continuing the practice throughout the year can help close societal and economic inequities

Black-owned companies make up most of the businesses in Miami and have a significant impact on the economy. Hence, various seminars, events, and other activities are held in honor of Black Business Month every year in August.

This includes organizing workshops with our Tourism Business Enhancement Program to support the growth of small companies, showcasing restaurants owned by the Black community taking part in the Miami Spice program, and collaborating with Miami-Dade County's Support BOB 305 project.

The Importance of Celebrating Black Business Month

August is designated as Black Business Month. It's a time to recognize and honor Black-owned businesses and all they stand for in the nation's ongoing pursuit of equality and diversity. Black Business Month offers a chance to focus on a frequently underrepresented population, helping them get the opportunities and capital to grow.

History of Black Business Month

Black Business Month was first celebrated in August 2004 by engineer Frederick E. Jordan Sr. and historian John William Templeton to recognize and support the activities of businesses owned by the Black community in the US.

However, Black Business Month does not have to be the only time that Black-owned businesses in Miami are supported. The idea is to recommend the business to your friends and family, promote them on various social media platforms and make frequent purchases from them.

Supporting these businesses and individuals can help close societal and economic inequities. Miami is full of Black-owned businesses, and it's crucial to respect and support them to help Miami flourish.

Black-owned restaurants in Miami to support

Here are a few restaurants you can try this month:

  • Bar ONE in South Beach
  • Chef Creole Seasoned Kitchen
  • Lorna's Caribbean & American Grill in Miami Gardens
  • Manjay in Wynwood
  • The Rumcake Factory in North Miami
  • Pack Supermarket & Cafeteria in Little Haiti
  • Clive’s Café in Little Haiti
  • Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen in Wynwood
  • Grown
  • Conch It Up Soul Food in Liberty City
  • Jackson Soul Food in Historic Overtown
  • The Licking
Black employees working in a restaurant

Black-owned shops in Miami to support

  • Angelic Hand Creations in Historic Overtown
  • The Cool Miami in Liberty City & Miami Gardens
  • Nudz
  • Libreri Mapou Bookstore in Little Haiti

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