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Summer fun and learning await! Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation offers FREE healthy kids summer camp

Registration is now open for a fun-filled eight-week summer camp program for free

Miami summers are known for their scorching heat, but for underserved children in the community, the long break from school can also mean a lack of structure and access to enriching activities. Thankfully, the Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation steps in with their annual healthy kids free summer camp, offering a safe haven filled with learning, adventure, and, most importantly, fun.

Eight weeks’ adventure to empower youth at Kiwanis

The Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation, established in 1987, has a long and commendable history of supporting underprivileged youth in Miami. Through various programs like Back-to-School drives, scholarships, and basketball leagues, the foundation has impacted the lives of thousands of children. Their Healthy Kids Summer Camp, running for over 30 years, is a shining example of their dedication to enriching the lives of underserved youth during the critical summer months.

This year's Healthy Kids Summer Camp kicks off on June 10th and runs until August 2nd, offering a cost-free eight-week program for children aged 7 to 13. The camp operates from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, at Slam, located at 542 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33136. Parents can expect a well-rounded program designed to keep their children engaged and learning.

The Healthy Kids Summer Camp prioritizes a holistic approach to summer fun. Campers will participate in weekly educational field trips, fostering curiosity and exploration beyond the classroom walls. Meals are also taken care of, with breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided daily, ensuring children are well-nourished throughout the day.

Children in yellow shirts smiling for a picture at Kiwanis.

Building a safe and supportive environment for everyone

The camp goes beyond mere entertainment. It provides a safe and supportive environment for children during a time when school is out of session. Trained camp counselors supervise activities, ensuring the well-being of each camper. This sense of security allows children to relax, learn, and make new friends.

The Healthy Kids Summer Camp stands out not just for its engaging activities and nurturing environment but also for its commitment to accessibility. Recognizing that financial limitations can often restrict access to enriching summer programs, the Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation has designed the Healthy Kids Summer Camp to be completely free for children from low-income families.

Proof of income is required upon registration, ensuring that the program reaches those who need it most. This commitment to inclusivity allows children who might otherwise spend their summers unsupervised or lacking structured activities to participate in a program that fosters intellectual and social development.

The Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation's Healthy Kids Summer Camp is a testament to the power of community organizations in making a positive impact on a child's life. By providing a safe space for learning, exploration, and socialization, the program fosters a love for learning and helps bridge the gap created by the summer break, especially for children from low-income families.

The Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation relies on generous donations and volunteers to keep their programs running. While registration for the 2024 Healthy Kids Summer Camp is currently open, you can support the foundation's year-round efforts by visiting their website at

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