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SpotemGottem oficially charged for possesion of 1 fire arm

Celebrity and rapper SpotemGottem’s arrest isn’t the first, as he holds prior felony charges and now charged with possession of a fire arm

Nehemiah Harden, known by his stage name, SpotemGottem was arrested late June in FL, for allegedly speeding away from law enforcement on a jet ski. The Jacksonville-based rapper was also arrested in Aventura for felony gun charges scarcely under a year ago.

The  20-year-old rapper was spotted going far too fast on a jet ski close to the Miami Marine Stadium. However, he reportedly fled from the police instead of slowing down and now he has been charged with possesion of a fire arm.

An unfortunate coincidence or a rookie move?

Police tried to pull SpotemGottem over as he continued speeding on a jet ski near Miami Marine Stadium. However, SpotemGottem didn’t stop and instead sped up. This indicated that he was trying to flee from authorities on the motor vehicle, hearing the police sirens that were turned on.  

Eventually, however, the relevant authorities did catch up with him, and he was charged with different counts, including reckless operation of a boat, fleeing police, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and aggravated assault.

A person’s hands in handcuffs after being arrested by the police.

SpotemGottem has been spotted and gotten in trouble before too

The young rapper was also taken into custody for felony gun charges in Aventura in July 2021, when he was found lying in bed with an AK-47. There had been a warrant for his arrest due to a report of his activities in Miami Beach when he supposedly pulled a gun on an attendant in a local garage.

Unfortunately, in September 2021, he was also hospitalized after being caught in a drive-by shooting as he left his studio.

Despite his bad luck and poor choices, however, SpotemGottem remains a fan favorite, with his song “Beat Box” peaking at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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