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Florida authorizes speed detection cameras in school zones; drivers face automatic tickets

New state law allows speed detection cameras in school zones, with drivers in Florida now at risk of receiving automatic $100 tickets for speeding

Effective July 1, Florida introduced a new law legalizing the use of speed-detection cameras in school zones. This move aims to improve the safety of students and pedestrians near schools by automatically ticketing drivers who exceed the speed limit in these areas. Companies operating these devices are actively partnering with local governments to install and maintain these cameras, which could result in $100 tickets for speeding during school days.

Speed detecting cameras: Enhancing child safety through automation

The installation of speed detection cameras in school zones is seen as a protective measure for children. These cameras are being implemented across various school zones in Florida, with local governments signing agreements with companies to ensure their installation and operation.

One such example is Miami-Dade, where a contract with a Georgia-based company has been proposed for the installation of these cameras in over 200 schools located outside city limits. The primary objective behind these efforts is to safeguard children and promote their safety.

Speed-detection cameras in a school zone

Growing acceptance and regulation

Miami Gardens is exploring the possibility of entering a similar arrangement with Redspeed to oversee school zones within its authority. Meanwhile, Pinecrest has already finalized an agreement with Redspeed and is in the process of enacting the necessary laws to begin automated speeding ticket enforcement.

Speeding has been a major concern for law enforcement, with Pinecrest’s Police Chief, Jason Cohen, emphasizing the prevalence of this issue. He mentioned that it’s one of the main complaints and noted that when police are present in these areas, drivers tend to adhere to the speed limits more diligently.

Florida's regulations on school-zone cameras outline specific conditions for their use. Speed detection cameras can issue tickets only during a defined time window that includes the school day, plus an additional 30 minutes before classes start and after classes are over. Tickets will be generated if a driver exceeds the speed limit by over 10 mph.

The legislation passed preliminary approval on Sept. 6, with a final vote expected later this year. While some concerns were raised about awarding the school-zone speed detection cameras contract without competitive bids, proponents argue that safety should take precedence.

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