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Sip, See, Celebrate: 'Cafe con Arte' ignites Miami's art scene at Futurama

Experience the artistic pulse of Miami at the 'Cafe con Arte' celebration of local talent at Futurama 1637 Galleries

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Miami's art scene at the 7th annual 'Cafe con Arte' event, a unique celebration of local talent and creativity hosted at the renowned Futurama 1637 Art Galleries on Calle Ocho. This year's event, organized by Pati Vargas Entertainment, promises to be an unforgettable experience, running from July 22nd to August 12th, with an opening reception on July 22nd from 4 to 6 PM.

What is "Cafe con Arte"?

'Cafe con Arte' - translating to 'Coffee with Art' - is more than just an art exhibition. It's a yearly celebration that brings together 35 local artists in a vibrant display of Miami's diverse artistic talent. This year, the event is set to be bigger and better than ever, featuring a fashion show, a live DJ, and a gathering of some of Miami's most innovative and exciting artists.

The event is a testament to the thriving art culture in Little Havana, a neighborhood known for its rich history, colorful street life, and burgeoning art scene. 'Cafe con Arte' is a unique opportunity to explore this vibrant community, meet local artists, and immerse yourself in their creative world.

Who and what you can expect to find

This year's sponsors include Calle Ocho News, D'Cary Designs, Havana Collection, GMCVB, Art of Black Miami, Jensen's Liquor, Brickell Kids Bus, and the Arts and Business Council. Their support underscores the importance of the arts in Miami and the role of events like 'Cafe con Arte' in promoting local talent and fostering community spirit.

Don't miss this extraordinary celebration of art, culture, and community. Share the news, bring your friends, and join us at 'Cafe con Arte' - where coffee meets art, and creativity knows no bounds.

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