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From shelter to social media stardom – Miss Peaches, Miami's rescue pup with a heart of gold

Famous pitbull championing adoption earns "Bone to the City" award

Miss Peaches isn't your average internet celebrity. This adorable pitbull, rescued from a life of neglect, has become a social media sensation and a powerful advocate for shelter animals – all while living the high life in Miami with her doting owner, Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports.

From rough beginnings to Miami pads

Miss Peaches' story is one of remarkable transformation. Once a victim of neglect, used as a breeding dog in a hoarding situation, she faced an uncertain future. But fate intervened when she was rescued alongside 26 other dogs by the LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta. That's where Portnoy, a Miami resident himself, stumbled upon her sweet face and heartwarming story. It was love at first sight.

Portnoy couldn't resist Miss Peaches' charm. He adopted her in early 2024, giving her a forever home filled with love, luxury, and even seven beds! But Portnoy knew his actions could have a broader impact. By sharing his life with Peaches online, he inadvertently launched her into social media stardom. Millions followed their adventures, witnessing the joy a rescued dog could bring.

A dog resting beside a couch on the floor.

"Bone to the City" and beyond for Miss Peaches

Miss Peaches' fame wasn't just about living the good life. She quickly became a vocal advocate for the "Adopt Don't Shop" movement. Her journey resonated with people everywhere, especially in Miami. On National Rescue Dog Day, the city bestowed upon her a prestigious honor: the "Bone to the City" award, presented by Mayor Francis Suarez himself. This recognition solidified Peaches' status as a local hero, inspiring countless Miamians to consider adopting shelter pets.

Portnoy, leveraging Peaches' online presence, has raised close to $1 million for shelters across the country. A significant portion of these funds directly benefit South Florida shelters, aiding countless animals in finding loving homes. Every penny raised goes back to the cause, ensuring Peaches' message of adoption reaches a vast audience.

Peaches' story is a testament to the transformative power of adoption. A dog who once faced an uncertain future has become a symbol of hope, not only for herself but for countless shelter animals waiting for their second chance. Her journey demonstrates the incredible bond that can blossom between humans and rescued pets, all while promoting the importance of responsible pet ownership.

From the streets to social media fame, Peaches' story is a heartwarming tale of second chances, unwavering love, and the power of one dog to make a difference. Her story is a powerful reminder of the countless dogs languishing in shelters across the country.

While designer breeds or puppies from pet stores might seem appealing, these animals often come from unethical breeding practices prioritizing profit over animal welfare. Shelters are brimming with amazing dogs of all ages, breeds, and personalities, each waiting for their forever home.

Consider opening your heart and home to a rescue pet. You might just find your own furry soulmate, just like Dave Portnoy found his in Miss Peaches. By choosing to adopt, you're not just giving a deserving dog a second chance. You're also taking a stand against unethical breeding practices.

Remember, adopting is not just about saving a life. It's about enriching your own life with the unconditional love of a rescued companion.

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