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The victim in Miami Gardens shooting while filming French Montana’s music video filing lawsuit

Carl Leon was hit in the stomach and hand outside the Licking restaurant in a Miami Gardens shooting

Miami Gardens has once again been the site of a shooting that has left 10 people injured, with 4 in critical condition. The site of the shooting was near The Licking, a popular eatery in Miami Gardens. Rapper French Montana was recording a music video near the location. Police officials have revealed very few details about arrests.

While police continue to look for the shooter, the lawyer for a blogger who was shot and hurt while filming a music video for rapper French Montana intends to launch a lawsuit. According to his attorney, Carl Leon was invited to the rapper's music video shoot on Thursday night in front of The Licking restaurant. According to Graham, the 25-year-old was struck in the stomach, hand, and ear by bullets.

Here’s what we know about the Miami Gardens shooting:

What happened at Miami Gardens

Rapper French Montana was filming a music video at The Licking in Miami Gardens when shots rang out late on Thursday. At least ten people were hurt in the shooting, but Montana remained unharmed.

According to the Miami Gardens Police Department, the fight that led to the shooting began elsewhere and then moved to the restaurant. According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, only four of the ten injured patients made it to the hospital on their own; the other six were taken there through the ground and air ambulances. No deaths have been confirmed, and authorities haven't even revealed the extent of the injuries sustained.


Why did the shooting take place?

Police said that events like the music video shot at The Licking need a special permit from the city of Miami Gardens.

The MGPD claims that the tragic incident occurred because the video's organizers did not properly plan for law enforcement presence at the event by obtaining the required permissions.

The Miami Gardens shooting might have been prevented if correct procedures had been followed and relevant authorities had been informed in a timely manner. Although the event is still being looked into by the authorities, no one has been taken into custody as of yet.

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