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Senator Marco Rubio calls out Miami Marlins for restricting free speech

Marco Rubio condemned Miami Marlins for mistreating the audience during the World Baseball Classic semifinal

The US Senator, Marco Rubio, criticized the behavior of security personnel appointed by the Miami Marlins during the World Baseball Classic semifinal. In his letter to Bruce Sherman, the chairman and principal owner of Miami Marlins, he called out how security treated the pro-democracy and freedom audience.

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Pro-democracy audience harassed by security personnel

In his letter on 23rd March 2023, Marco Rubio wrote a detailed letter criticizing the management and security personnel during the semifinal between the Cuban and US national team in the World Baseball Classic.

He reminded Mr. Sherman about the assurances made by Miami Marlins emphasizing no restrictions on free speech otherwise sought by the Cuban Baseball Federation. He stated that the franchise didn’t make good on their promise in both spirit and letter of their commitment.

The letter highlighting the mistreatment of the audience at the hands of contracted security personnel called out the franchise for denying entrance to ticketed guests because they were wearing anti-regime and pro-freedom shirts.

Loan depot park Baseball stadium

Attempts to expel a Cuban activist’s daughter

Though the security allowed guests to enter after public outcry and relentless opposition on social media, that wasn’t the end of it. Marco Rubio highlighted how security targeted certain spectators sitting behind home plate.

They also tried to expelled Rosa Maria Payá, the daughter of a Cuban pro-democracy activist for holding up a sign with a similar message. The letter further condemned security’s constant harassment of spectators sitting in the front rows, which was visibly broadcasted on television worldwide.

He also called out the security for using similar tactics reflective of the tyrant Cuban regime. The community and baseball fans who have been victims of this harassment won’t forget the disrespect. The letter made it clear that the franchise was seeking to appease the enslaved island and didn’t care about the victims of this tyranny present at the stadium.

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