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Marijuana edibles being sold to minors by a 22-year-old girl in Miami

After students experienced THC overdoses, Miami police arrested the 22-year-old supplying marijuana edibles to minors

A 22-year-old woman in Miami, Thalia Aceves, has been bonded out of jail. According to the officials, she was detained for allegedly supplying cannabis or marijuana edibles to a pupil.

Here's more on this matter related to marijuana edibles and minors.

What happened?

According to Miami Police, 22-year-old Thalia Aceves was detained for selling, supplying, and possessing cannabis and playing a part in a child’s delinquency. 22-year-old Thalia Aceves sold edibles to a pupil outside the campus. However, the student brought it to school and dispersed the marijuana edibles to others.

On Wednesday, Citrus Grove Middle and Elementary Schools called Miami Police and Miami Fire Rescue units after several students younger than 13 years old were taken to the hospital for overdoses.

Detectives from Special Investigations Section Narcotics Unit tracked and arrested Thalia Aceves in the 900 block of Southwest Ninth Street after impersonating the student who purchased the edibles.

The arrest reports state that officials discovered marijuana, cannabis-infused edibles, vape cartridges, and $400 after searching Aceves’ vehicle.

22-year-old Thalia Aceves confessed to the police stating that she’d been selling drugs for the past two years and was well aware of supplying THC items to children.

The response of parents and guardians

a group of students in the school hallway

Since the incident, many parents and guardians have voiced their concerns about their children's safety at the school. Many parents have come forward and issued statements about how such incidents can put their children at risk.

However, the officials are doing their job, and 22-year-old Thalia Aceves will appear in court on December 2.

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