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Brickell collapse: Safety concerns emerge after construction site collapse

An urgent meeting behind closed doors raises questions about construction safety following the construction site collapse in Brickell

An unsettling incident rattled the serenity of many this past Saturday, leaving residents in shock and authorities on high alert. The construction site collapse near Southeast Seventh Street and Brickell Avenue prompted an immediate closed-door meeting on Monday, bringing to light pressing safety concerns in this bustling Miami neighborhood.

A wake-up call for the Brickell construction site collapse

The chilling incident unfolded at approximately 2:40 p.m. last Saturday as demolition crews were diligently working on the One Brickell City Centre project. A heart-pounding video captured the moment when sections of the building, slated for demolition, crumbled dangerously close to passing vehicles.

Miraculously, there were no reported injuries, sparing the neighborhood from potential disaster amid the hustle and bustle of streets. However, this near miss has sounded the alarm on safety concerns that demand immediate attention following the construction site collapse.

Closed streets and halted demolition after construction site collapse

In response to the alarming incident, an emergency meeting was held on Monday, but it was shrouded in secrecy, and closed to public scrutiny. The city council and the demolition company, Alpha Wrecking, met to discuss the risks posed by their work.

The repercussions of this incident extend far beyond the meeting room. A section of Southeast Seventh Street remains inaccessible to traffic as authorities investigate the incident thoroughly. Repair crews are hard at work, ensuring the scaffolding's stability and installing wire fencing before the streets can safely reopen, potentially by Monday night.

Swire Properties and Related Companies, responsible for the project, were swift to reassure the public, emphasizing that safety remains their "utmost priority." Nevertheless, as investigations progress after the site collapse, any future demolition work in the area will be subject to stringent conditions, including OSHA oversight, lane closures, and vigilant inspectors on-site.

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