On Saturday July 8, 2017 the Miami FC Soccer Club  did not just defeat the San Francisco Deltas they did it in an impressive fashion!

Winning in an impressive fashion got the Miami FC the Spring Season Championship.  The game which took place in Miami at Riccardo Silva Stadium, saw an onslaught of goal scoring.  Seven goals by 4 different players.  One of which scored 4 (Pinho) goals.

Miami FC

The FC will be back in Miami today July 12, 2017 to compete for the Quarterfinals Vs. Cincinnati from the USL.  A win for the FC and they will enter the semifinals with three other MLS teams.

The stadium was rocking.  Fireworks were on display which culminated into the end of magical night for a group of very exciting and electrifying players.

I have witnessed many teams before.  Without question, the boys from the FC, are one of my favorite and are very exciting to watch. They deserve the crowds they have been getting.

Come out and support one of the most up and coming teams in Miami.  They need your support.



Roy Viera